Using this capability in Azure Traffic Manager, you can now direct user traffic to specific endpoints based on the geographic location from where the requests originate.  A good use case for this would be to direct users to a localized/language/feature specific web-site that is customized towards that specific region. Or even further, you can route users to an Azure Web site that is hosted in a closer data center.

Region granularity includes:

  1. World – any region
  2. Regional Grouping – Africa, Middle East, Australia/Pacific, etc.
  3. Country/Region – Ireland, Peru, Hong Kong SAR, etc.
  4. State / Province – USA–California, Australia–Queensland, Canada-Alberta, etc. (Note:  This granularity level is supported only for states / provinces in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA)

Full list of region granularity can be seen here. There is also an Azure Traffic Manager’s REST API where you can get this info from.

Setting this up involves creating Traffic Manager profiles and Endpoints in the Azure Portal.

Refer to the full article here and for  Azure Traffic Manager pricing here.

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