Microsoft Ignite is coming to Toronto on it’s Tour on January 10th and 11th.  Register now!


If you are a developer or IT Professional, you really don’t want to miss out on this to as you will get exposed to the latest developer tools and cloud technologies and learn how to put your skills to work on the future of cloud development, data, IT, and business intelligence.

I have 3 sessions and they are listed below.

Session 1

THR2426 – How to build a bot for Microsoft Teams 5 minutes

Building bots in Microsoft Teams is simpler than you think. See this hands on demo and follow along to build a bot to deliver simple Q&A answers to your employees.

Session 2

THR3176 – Set up an expense approval Microsoft Flow on your OneDrive files in less than 10 minutes

This session will demonstrate how to use pre-defined templates within Microsoft Flow to easily create an expense approval workflow.  It will demonstrate how to extend Microsoft Flow to take pictures directly from the Microsoft Flow and/or OneDrive Mobile App and convert expense images to PDF using connectors that are readily available in Microsoft Flow.

Session 3

THR3175 – Beautify your SharePoint lists & libraries using modern list formatting capabilities

The modern SharePoint list experience allows the ability to customize how columns look based on pre-defined business logic and column data.  Attend this session to learn how to customize the look and feel of SharePoint lists based on conditional formatting logic.  Applying these techniques will produce a stunning and useful experience for the target audience of the list.  Users will be able to see the content in SharePoint lists and know exactly what they represent from a quick glance.

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