Welcome to Step 2 of 4 of SharePoint 2013 installation instructions using AutoSPInstaller V3 and AutoSPInstallerGUI.

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I have split this post into 4 series:


Software Download – Step 2 of 4

This section talks about the software you should have ready on your system before starting the installation and configuration process of your SharePoint 2013 farm using AutoSPInstaller.

  1. Login to your SharePoint Server as your domainsp2013setup local administrator account
  2. Download SharePoint 2013 Server (w/ SP1 preferably) –
  3. Download latest Cumulative Update –
  4. Download lastest AutoSPInstaller –
  5. Download latest AutoSPInstallerGUI –
  6. Download latest AutoSPSourceBuilder –


  7. Extract contents of AutoSPInstaller to C: drive (i.e. C:SP)

  8. Mount your SharePoint 2013 Media File to a drive

  9. Optional
    (steps 9-12) – Slipstream install any cumulative updates and download prerequisites for an offline install by extracting AutoSPSourceBuilder to C:SP

  10. Open Windows PowerShell as administrator

  11. Change directory to C:SP (“CD c:sp“) and run “Set-ExecutionPolicy ByPass

  12. Choose cumulative update (when prompted) and set parameters for an offline prerequisite install by running “.AutoSPSourceBuilder.ps1 -GetPrerequisites $true

  13. Extract AutoSPInstallerGUI to C:SP

  14. Ensure that C:SPAutoSPInstallerAutoSPInstallerInput.xml file is not marked as read only



Click here to go to Part 3 of this series – Farm Configuration.

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