Welcome to Step 4 of 4 of SharePoint 2013 installation instructions using AutoSPInstaller V3 and AutoSPInstallerGUI.

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I have split this post into 4 series:


Post Installation – Step 4 of 4

This section talks to the Post Installation steps you should be aware of to configure on your SharePoint 2013 farm that are either not yet supported or unavailable using AutoSPInstaller.

User Profile Synchronization

Although, AutoSPInstaller does configure your User Profile Synchronization service, configuring User Profile Synchronization automatically via PowerShell scripts is capable but is not supported by Microsoft, so this has to be done manually to be in a supported state.

Content Source Search Crawl Schedules

Search content crawl schedules to have full and incremental crawl of your SharePoint sites need to be configured in order for search to work.

App Management Service

To use Apps from the Office Store or custom ones from your own App Catalog, you need to configure the DNS and App Management service settings on your domain and server.

Office Web Apps

To use an Office Web Apps server to present your Microsoft document in a browser to your users, you need to run configuration Office Web Apps scripts for SharePoint 2013.

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