Little known to many, a highly useful feature has been introduced in your Office 365 SharePoint Online sites as part of a January 2018 update.

This feature allows you the ability to selectively update a several list item properties in one step within the modern list view by using the Details Pane.

The Message Center details for this feature (MC126885) is below:

It is fairly intuitive to use this new feature:

  1. Start by browsing to your SharePoint Online list ensuring you are in the modern experience
  2. Use the checkboxes in your modern list to select the list items you would like to edit
  3. Open the Details Pane by selecting the info icon
  4. Enter the values you would like for each list column property
  5. Click on the Save button


View more information on the feature here.

4 thoughts on “Selective Bulk Editing of your SharePoint Online List Items Now Available in your Office 365 Tenant”
  1. Hi: Do you perhaps know how to turn this off? I have a scenario where we don’t want users to bulk edit. We can turn off “Quick Edit” but that doesn’t appear to affect Bulk edit. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks

  2. You need to mention that this feature doesn’t work if you have boolean columns in your list. If you don’t touch a text column, for instance, then no changes occur to that column in the items you are editing. But if you don’t touch a boolean column then it stays in its default position of “no” and IT SETS ALL SELECTED ITEMS TO NO FOR THAT FIELD. This basically makes the bulk edit a useless feature if you have boolean columns.

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