For anyone running their SQL Database in Azure, it is highly recommended that you enable Azure SQL Database Threat Detection to identify potential threats to your databases.  Types of threats include SQL injections, vulnerabilities in configuration and setup and weird database access patterns.

It’s very simple and easy to do and your admins can get an immediate notification about abnormal activities on your databases in real-time. Furthermore, this service provides you with the information on how to further investigate what’s going on and recommendations on how to mitigate the threat.

To enable:

  1. Login to your Azure Portal and select your SQL Database
  2. Select Auditing & Threat Detection
  3. Enable the Auditing switch (this display the Threat Detection Settings options)
  4. Enable the Threat Detection switch
  5. Select the Threat Detection Types you want to monitor (i.e. vulnerabilities, injections, anomalies)
  6. Enter the email of the people that should be alerted

05/02/17 Updated: Read the full article with step by step screenshots from the updated Microsoft Azure SQL Threat Detection documentation

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