I recently had a project where I needed a capability to store BLOB’s in the cloud to meet some requirements of having a fast download speeds, scalable infrastructure and cheap storage & access of various different types of BLOBs my my client.

I turned to see if Azure had some tools such as Microsoft Azure Storage,that could help me out.

Obviously with the release of Microsoft Azure Storage, users will need a mechanism to access and interact with their data.

Azure Storage Explorer

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a nifty little tool that let’s you interact with your uploaded Azure resource data in an explorer like format.

Azure Storage Explorer is great because:

  1. It is free!
  2. It works with Azure Storage data on Windows, macOS and Linux
  3. It has ability to manages the data itself as well as containers/directories
  4. It has ability for managing access policies based on the resource type
  5. It incorporates Searching capabilities
  6. It has abilities to edit properties and metadata
  7. It has Drag and Drop capabilities
  8. And many more…

Alternatives to Storage Explorer


Microsoft also provides other free Microsoft Azure Storage Client Tools to interact with Azure Storage data such as the Microsoft Azure Portal itself and Microsoft Visual Studio Server Explorer.

There are a bunch of third party free and paid tools you may want to research which may have better functionality as well such as:

Read more about Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer here: http://storageexplorer.com/

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