Seems like there is a problem with the Azure Logic Apps Designer in some versions of Internet Explorer (I use IE 11) where it just gets paused and stuck in a loop without ever loading the Azure Logic Apps Designer.  You get an endless loading screen where it is stuck and doesn’t load as such:

For now, I have just switched to using Google Chrome while Microsoft works on fixing this issue.  Seems to work nicely in that browser. Hope that helps anyone else who has this problem.

One thought on “Azure Logic Apps Designer doesn’t load in the Azure Portal”
  1. I also encountered this. I looked online if there are other people experiencing this and did not see any. I sent a feedback in the portal via the smiley link at the top right. I think you should report it too because if there are many users reporting it I think they will prioritize it more even if Microsoft does not support IE11 anymore, I think.

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