Azure Functions is a PAAS service for running pieces of code (including functions πŸ™‚ in the cloud. You can write just the code you need for the problem at hand, without worrying about a whole application or the infrastructure to run it. Azure Functions can use your development language of choice. You only pay for the time your code runs.

Microsoft today announced Azure Functions Challenge. You can test your coding skills and learn how to build solutions using Azure Functions at the same time. You can earn badges for every challenge you complete. You can code these challenges in the FREE Azure Functions experience or using your existing Azure subscription.

How to complete the challenges

To get started with the Azure Functions Challenge, you will first need an Azure Functions environment. You can either use:

  1. Try Azure Functions is an easy way to get started, as it enables you to try Azure Functions without the need for an Azure account or a credit card. Get started
  2. If you already have an Azure subscription then you can get started here:

You can also check out the new Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions. You can use it to build and debug your function locally and then publish or zip deploy to your test function. If you already have an Azure subscription, you can also remotely debug your functions.

So don’t wait and take the Azure Functions Challenge using the link below.

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