Microsoft has just announced public preview of Azure Advisor. Azure advisor is a personalized recommendation engine that provides proactive best practices guidance which will help you configure your Azure resources using those best practices.

The idea behind Azure Advisor is pretty neat. It analyzes your workload configuration together with your usage telemetry and based on that it detects the risks and potential issues for your workload.

Azure Advisor also recommend solutions that will help you overcome the issues.

To get started follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Azure portal using
  2. Once you logged in, use the URL access the azure advisor dashboard.
  3. On the Azure advisor portal you can click Get Recommendations button to get the recommendations for the workloads you have deployed.

You can filter the recommendations by resource group and see the business impact for each recommendation. You can also view the recommendations based on category. If you are not planning to take any immediate action but want to get reminded on the recommendation then you can choose snooze option. You can also dismiss a recommendation by selecting Never on the snooze.

One more thing to note is that Azure Advisor provides REST APIs to access recommendations and if you would like to access recommendations for a resource you can add a resource filter. More information can be found below.

This is pretty exciting new service and I look forward using this on my current Azure portal.

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