SharePoint 2013 has added on and improved on many of the features for Records Management including:

  • Improvements on most of the SharePoint 2010 features (detailed at the bottom of this post) plus:
    • Unified eDiscovery & Holds
    • Site Policies for Closure and Deletion
    • Site Mailbox
  • To the Cloud….
    • Main focus for Microsoft with 2013
    • Majority of the new and existing Records Management (and other IM) features have feature parity with Office 365!

As part of a few talks I’ve done lately on SharePoint 2013 Records Management, I posted my presentation deck to SlideShare online for those who have requested it:



My complete list of my series on the SharePoint 2010 Records Management features (which still apply to SharePoint 2013) be can seen by the following links:

1. Introduction
2. Document IDs
3. Managed Metadata Service (Term Store)
4. In-Place Records Declarations
5. Site Collection Auditing
6. Content Organizer
7. Compliance Details
8. Hold and eDiscovery
9. Content Type Publishing Hubs
10. Multi-Level Retention
11. Virtual folders and metadata based navigation
12. Scaling
13. Send To…
14. Document Sets

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