One of the most desired features in Microsoft Teams is the ability for a persistent Window that you can leave open pop out chats, meetings, calls or documents.

It’s very frustrating right now to find your way back to the MS Teams channel, document or chat once you leave focus either re-navigating to is, searching it, or using the back and forth buttons (which most people don’t even know they can use!).

Great news is that Microsoft has tentatively scheduled the release of pop out individual Teams chat conversations into a separate window for April 2020! Although this may not have all the capabilities we need, it is a great start! See below for the Microsoft 365 Road map message center excerpt and a video on how it could possibly work:

Microsoft Teams – Multi-Window Chat
Users will be able to pop out individual Teams chat conversations into a separate window, to help them streamline their workflow and more easily move between ongoing conversations.
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Featured ID: 57292
Added to Roadmap: 3/20/2020
Last Modified: 3/20/2020
Tags: Microsoft Teams, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), General Availability
In developmentMicrosoft Teams Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)General AvailabilityApril CY2020

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