If you haven’t heard by now, the SharePoint Conference is back! Rebranded as SharePoint North America (SharePointNA).

SharePoint Conference North America is your best opportunity of the year to hear from experts around the world on Office 365 and SharePoint related products including SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and more.

I am lucky enough to be co-presenting a OneDrive workshop session the Sunday before the conference starts entitled OneDrive from Start to Finish:

In this all-day session we will walk you through the key areas you need to know to help you and your organization to not just adopt OneDrive, but to drive usage and adoption to enable collaboration and teamwork within your organization. We will cover key topics like how to best plan, deploy, manage and secure OneDrive, how leveraging new features like Flow can help to transform business, why designing a change management plan is key to driving adoption within your organization. We will even hear from a expert who will show us how he got the US Department Of Defense to embrace collaboration with OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange.

In my slot, we will be covering the following:

Session Title:

Automating Business Process on your Corporate Files using OneDrive and Flow

Session Abstract:

This is an educational workshop where participants can learn about the value, capabilities and benefits of using Flow with OneDrive for Business. Participants will learn how to use preconfigured or custom templates to turn their daily repetitive tasks into multistep workflows within a few clicks.  Participants will also learn how they can work smarter and more efficiently by automating workflows that connect OneDrive to the most common cloud apps and services.  Examples of OneDrive automation that will be covered include, sending high-priority notifications or emails based on specific triggers, copying files from one service to another, sharing information with your team, as well as automating approval workflows.

I hope to see you all there!

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