​Join me for the free event at
SharePoint Saturday Montreal 2017 on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 with some other
amazing speakers to learn about Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint.

Event Info:

You work directly or indirectly with SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure? Join a group of architects, developers, integrators, business people and community managers revolving around SharePoint in the holding of the 5th edition of SharePoint Saturday Montreal to be held May​ 13th 2017

My Session:

Office 365 for Business demystified for the average technology and business professional

Session Abstract:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the big push to move to the Office365 cloud? Are you just not up to speed on the major features, applications & technology advances to Office365 cloud that Microsoft seems to be releasing on a weekly basis (i.e. Mail, Planner, Delve, Teams, Yammer, etc.)? This session aims to give the average technology and business professional a high level and up to date overview of many of the major Office365 for Business features and applications as well as how you can get started with them. It also aims to give a quick overview on when you would use each feature.



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