​I will be speaking at TSPUG on Wednesday May 21st, 2014 on SharePoint Architecture.  For those in the area, come join me by registering here: http://www.meetup.com/TorontoSPUG/events/152994222/.


Title of my session:

Inside the mind of a SharePoint Architect


On any SharePoint project, the core of the solution being built should be designed and architected first before being developed. With the flexibility of SharePoint solutions (specifically SharePoint 2013), there is never one way to design it right. The experienced SharePoint Architect however is able to figure out the best way for the project, constraints and client at hand. This session is meant to give insight to the average SharePoint Professional on what it takes to become and be a SharePoint Architect. It will help guide the aspiring SharePoint Architect on the items that really need to be thought of when designing an enterprise grade SharePoint solution for your client and at the same time divulge some tricks of the trade learned from the countless enterprise SharePoint solutions I have successfully implemented over the years.


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