For those of you in and around the Ottawa vicinity on Dec 1st.  Be sure to check out a free SharePoint training event at SharePoint Saturday Ottawa on Saturday, Dec 1st, 2012 at Algonquin College. This is a great chance to get caught up on the new SharePoint 2013 features if you happened to miss the SharePoint Conference.


I will be presenting the following two sessions:

What’s new and different in SharePoint 2013?

There are a lot of great features at the forefront and behind the scenes in the new SharePoint 2013 Server. This is an introductory session which will help you get a good feel for the new features and functionality of SharePoint 2013 Server including first looks and demos. Whether you are an IT Pro, Developer or End User, if you have worked with any version of SharePoint before, this session will give you a good feel of some of the features that you will love in SharePoint 2013.

The Yammer and SharePoint 2013 approach to Enterprise Social

Microsoft is making a huge investment in the enterprise social landscape. This includes the many social improvements within SharePoint 2013 as well as the recent acquisition of Yammer. This session is an end user and business focused session where we walk through some of SharePoint 2013’s and Yammer’s social features and talk about Microsoft’s future vision for enterprise social networking.


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