My colleague Nick Kellett (@NickKellett) and I  at StoneShare have worked with the Chris Riley (@HoardingInfo) and his CloudShare team to put up a virtual configured and deployed 3 server SharePoint 2013 Preview environment complete with its own WFE , AD and DB server for the community who don’t have the time to get the environment up themselves. 

Using CloudShare, be the first to explore and test the preview version of SharePoint 2013, this sandbox allows you to:

  • Explore SharePoint 2013 preview in less than 60 seconds.
  • Own a SharePoint 2013 beta farm for all of your development and testing needs.
  • Validate your integrations with external tools and solutions prior to launching into production.
  • Show off your SharePoint 2013 beta farm to colleagues, clients and friends!


You can get a free trial by clicking on this perma-link:

More info is available here:

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