The SharePoint Summit will be in Toronto, Canada from May 14 to May 16, 2012. 

My session is on day 3 (Wednesday, May 16th) @ 3:00pm.  I will doing a level 100 Introductory Track on “Major Intranet Trends – What are your Peers Doing for Their SharePoint Intranets?”:

“This is an introductory level session where we will be going through many of the trends seen in modern Intranets that are built on top of the SharePoint platform. The session will focus on everything from small custom or 3rd party web parts that are quick and easily to deploy and that effectively address common Intranet needs, to custom complex Intranet solutions that some Enterprises have chosen to deploy.”

Click here to go to the Summit Web Site.


What can you expect at the SharePoint Summit 2012?

  • Designed and developed by SharePoint customers, consultants and solution providers, the SharePoint Summit 2012 is a unique place to meet the key players in the world of SharePoint and learn from their successes (and their mistakes).
  • Sessions ranging from introductory to advanced deep dives suitable for you whether you are new to SharePoint or a SharePoint expert
  • Sessions targeted to multiple audiences, including:
    • Developers
    • Power Users
    • Business Managers
    • Information Architects
    • Project Managers
    • IT Management
  • Sessions focused on the topics you care about, including:
    • Case Studies
    • Change Management
    • Development
    • Governance
    • Implementation Methodology
    • Information Architecture
    • Knowledge Management
    • Business Solutions

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