• A new feature in SharePoint 2010 is that all SharePoint list items and library items now have Compliance Details settings which indicate all the important business information about the document
  • They are located in the ECB drop down menu (Edit Control Block)


  • These settings allow SharePoint administrators to ensure all information about the record in one place including:
    • Viewing name, content type and folder path of document
    • Viewing any retention policies on the document (and their recurrence)
    • Exempting documents from policies
    • Holding documents
    • Declaring documents as records
    • Generating audit log reports


The complete list of this series can be seen by the following links:

1. Introduction
2. Document IDs
3. Managed Metadata Service (Term Store)
4. In-Place Records Declarations
5. Site Collection Auditing
6. Content Organizer
7. Compliance Details
8. Hold and eDiscovery
9. Content Type Publishing Hubs
10. Multi-Level Retention
11. Virtual folders and metadata based navigation
12. Scaling
13. Send To…
14. Document Sets



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