Hey everyone, I will be facilitating a session on SharePoint 2010 Records Management features at the Mississauga SharePoint User Group on May 4th.  Be sure to come, it will be fun!

Brief below:

Records Management is a focus for almost every established organization in the world.  Many of these organizations (especially those that have strict information governance requirements) need innovative solutions and features to help with their internal Records Management strategy.  More importantly, they need solutions to address how people use technology to meet Records Management requirements.

· Traditional regulatory frameworks provide comprehensive frameworks for Records Management programs but there’s been recent interest to implement ‘in place’ Records Management.

· The current trend that Document Management, Web Content Management, and Records Management systems are being seamlessly integrated together and increasing the need for an overall Information Management strategy.

· Microsoft’s imminent release of SharePoint 2010 provides customers with viable options that can enhance adoption and meet Records Management program objectives.  With the launch of SharePoint 2010, many new out-of-the-box features have been included which can help enterprise organizations manage their information and compliance with a focus on usability and familiar features within the SharePoint platform.

This session will be presented by Noorez Khamis and cover many of the new Information Management features that have been included out-of-the-box with the upcoming release of SharePoint 2010 and how they can be leveraged for Records Management within organizations. There will be explanations of practical uses as well as live demos for Records Management focused features within the new SharePoint 2010 platform. It will be on May 4th and starts at 6:30 pm. Some of the new SharePoint 2010 features that will be covered include:

  • Compliance
  • Site Collection Auditing
  • Retention
  • Content Organizer
  • Virtual folders and metadata based navigation
  • Content Type Publishing Hubs
  • Scaling
  • Hold and eDiscovery
  • Managed Metadata Service (Term Store)
  • Document ID’s
  • Document Sets
  • Send To…

Noorez Khamis (Rez) is a Senior SharePoint Architect who has been working on the SharePoint platform for over 7 years with hundreds of SharePoint projects under his belt. He is currently the Senior Consulting Manager for the Microsoft practice at Burntsand.

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