I have been playing around with the Term Store in the SharePoint 2010 Beta and I really like what I see.  Now, we don’t have to keep creating these root level lookup lists or use another database or site collection to house meta-data columns and values that are similar across all web applications and site collections.  However, I’m still running into a problem.

I restored my content database on another server and I’m assuming the term store sits on another database somewhere so I went to try and export the term store however, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible?  Perhaps it’s just a beta bug as there is a way to import it:


Maybe there is a Powershell command to export the term store as well but I haven’t found it.

I surely hope Microsoft fixes this in the release version as I don’t want to have to be manually creating the term store in each environment.

Update: Now that SharePoint has RTM’d, there is a new tool on codeplex that will export the term store (thanks to a blog reader who commented!):



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